Tarah Al-Jibouri

Tarah Al JibouriName: Tarah Al-Jibouri

Type of Governor:  Ordinary Governor, Board Member

Date first appointed:  March 2018

Committees/Special responsibility: Teaching and Learning.

Background (employment, experience etc): I Worked as a Course Leader in Further Education and have a Masters in Journalism and Degree in Business and Law.

Why I became a Governor:  I would like to create a positive change in education, using my skills and knowledge as a teacher/course leader. I have worked in the Further Education sector with colleges that have faced ongoing challenges. I was teaching long hours while also dedicating some time towards completing my QTLS and researching subject areas for my lectures. These experiences have given me the motivation to want to help schools and colleges. Working as a governor will not only give me the opportunity to help Cox Green, but it will enable me to compile PhD research that will help colleges on a larger scale.