/Every member of our school community (students, teachers, support staff) belong to one of our seven Houses, the only exception being our Headteacher, Danny Edwards.

Students are asked to represent their House with PRIDE.
We have developed the House System because it:

  • Develops a greater sense of belonging and identity.
  • Provides opportunities for mixing students vertically and in mixed ability.
  • Provides another range of opportunities for students to have a voice and demonstrate a responsibility and loyalty.
  • Encourages competition in sport, creative and academic areas of school life.
  • Is an integral part of our celebration of achievement.

Each of the Houses – Bannister, Churchill, Hawking, Nightingale, Novello, Parks and Winton have House Captains from every year group.

House meetings take place regularly as do a range of competitive, collaborative and fund raising events.

Current House Leader Board - 04/07/2022