Key Stage 3: Year 7 and 8 Curriculum

Students study a broad range of subjects which promote their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development.
Staff use a variety of teaching methods so that students can develop a range of learning styles.
Lessons are differentiated to ensure that all students are challenged and make effective progress.
Students develop a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding during this key stage, all of which will benefit their Key Stage 4 learning pathways.
Subject Departments are well resourced.
There is a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and ICT skills across the curriculum.
Students are encouraged to be creative, to ask questions and to have high expectations of themselves.
Homework is set on a regular basis and there is a whole school approach towards assessment and marking based on effort and attainment.
Students will be given advice by teachers on how they can improve further.
There are also a range of extracurricular activities and trips which enhance learning across the curriculum. Students are taught in the most appropriate grouping for each individual subject.
For Mathematics setting arrangements are based on prior attainment/ability.
The new focus on SPaG in all GCSE examinations requires that literacy skills are strengthened.  To this aim, subjects which have a key literacy focus are taught in teaching groups which differ from the form group – this is to ensure that the curriculum offer can be differentiated to meet individual need. These teaching groups form the basis for English, Geography, History and Modern Foreign Languages.
Science in Year 7 is initially taught in form groups; these groups are then split into teaching groups in half year blocks in Year 8 and through to Year 9.
All other subjects are taught in mixed ability tutor group arrangements. This includes the following subjects: Art, Computer Science, Drama, Music, Technology, Food, Physical Education and Religious Studies.
Carousal groupings such as in Technology and Food.
Physical Education is taught as a mixed gender group.

The curriculum is divided into the following time allocations.

 Subject / Allocation of lessons per week  Year 7  Year 8
 English  4  4
 Mathematics  4  4
 Art  1  1
 Computer Science  1  1
 Drama  1  1
 Food / Technology  1  1
 French or Spanish  2  2
 Geography  2  2
 History  2  2
 Music  1  1
 Physical Education  2  2
 Religious Studies  1  1
 Science  3  3

In order to ensure opportunities for further creativity “drop down days” will be scheduled on a termly basis to provide opportunities for cross curricular and wider learning.  These will be referred to as “Focussed Flexible Curriculum Days” and will have a key cross curricular Literacy focus.