Victoria Selway

Victoria Selway

Name: Victoria Selway

Type of governor: Teacher Staff Governor.

Date first appointed: December 2017

Committees/Special responsibility: TBC

Background (employment, experience etc): I have been working at Cox Green School since September 2015 as a teacher of MFL. What attracted me to join the school was the real sense of community spirit with positive relationships between the students, parents, staff and governors. I was fortunate enough to enjoy my time at school and I always felt valued and engaged. Now, as a teacher I am keen to promote the same security and enjoyment for my students within their education.

Why became a governor: Although I am relatively new to Cox Green School, I am excited about the journey the school is on. I look forward to seeing the school continue to grow and develop with the new building project. Now I am keen to take a more active role within the wider school community, which is why I have taken the role of Staff Governor.