Steve Lumb

Steve Lumb

Name: Steve Lumb

Type of governor: Ordinary Governor and Member.

Date first appointed: October 2008

Committees/Special responsibility: Vice Chair of Governors, Finance & Resources; Chair People & External Relations; Leadership & Management.

Background (employment, experience etc): Now retired after nearly 40 years in the global IT services industry. A qualified accountant I first worked in finance for a number of years, then latterly in marketing running customer information and then global reference information.

Why became a governor: It was becoming clear that governing board would need to become more professional in their activities, key to that being responsible for the strategic direction of the school, and to challenge the school leaders. I was asked to join the governing board to help facilitate that. My son at the time was also at the school and I felt that I could devote some of my time to help the school move forwards.