Paul Louden

Paul Louden

Name: Paul Louden

Type of governor: Ordinary Governor and Member

Date first appointed: October 2007

Committees/Special responsibility: Chair of Governors, Chair of Leadership and Management, Finance and Resources, People and External Relations, Chair Pay Committee.

Background (employment, experience etc): Now retired after 40 years working for the National Air Traffic Service (NATS). Initially as an Air Traffic Controller at Heathrow for 20 years and then as a Senior Manager in the Airports Group at Edinburgh, Glasgow and Heathrow until becoming General Manager at the Swanwick Air Traffic Control Centre near Southampton. My final post was NATS Director of Customer Affairs.

Why became a governor: I had originally been a governor at Wessex Primary School. I was there for four years but found that it was impossible to continue to give the time necessary when I was travelling to and from the south coast daily. Also the scope and demand of my job meant there was little spare time, particularly as I was on call H24. As I approached retirement, a vacancy arose at Cox Green and I applied. I had a good knowledge of the school and it’s operation from a parental perspective as my two daughters both attended here. I felt that now I would be able to give something back to a community that had supported my family so well over the years. I also felt that I would bring a lot of managerial experience, in finance, in HR, in project planning, resources utilisation and change management.