Heidi Swidenbank

Peter Thorn

Name: Heidi Swidenbank

Type of governor: Staff Governor.

Date first appointed: January 2012

Committees/Special responsibility: Leadership and Management, Finance and Resources.

Background (employment, experience etc): With over 20 years teaching experience, I am a knowledgeable senior leader within the education sphere. During my career I have taught and held leadership roles in a wide variety of schools, both mixed and single sex, from an all age academy, challenging schools to a school which received an outstanding Ofsted inspection.

I have an extensive professional development record and broad base of interests from research to acting as a guest Ofsted inspector.

Why became a governor: I am passionate about education and driven to ensure all students get the very best opportunities.  As Headteacher of Cox Green School, I believe my role is to ensure the very best for every single student by securing the best facilities, education and life opportunities.