Diane Armstrong

Peter Thorn

Name: Diane Armstrong

Type of governor: Parent Governor.

Date first appointed: October 2009

Committees/Special responsibility: People and External Relations, Teaching and Learning, SEN Governor.

Background (employment, experience etc): I am an Accountant and have been Self Employed for the last 15 years. I have worked with large international companies and small local businesses with responsibility for Finance, Human Resources, Health and Safety and Events. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of work I have with smaller clients as the combination of challenges makes full use of my experience and skill sets.

Why became a governor: My daughter started at Cox Green in 2008 and I felt it would be good to be involved and help the school move forward. I believe that parents should work in partnership with schools as the education of our children is a joint responsibility. I am on the board of several committees and feel you have to fully understand the school to be an effective Governor. I have always been a very active Governor and attend as many outside events and school visits as possible. I am also quite involved in the community and feel that it is important that we, as a neighbourhood support our local school.