Maidenhead are United

Maidenhead United’s ground, York Road, is one of the oldest in the world, being founded in 1871. This historic ground has had its fair share of enjoyment and stress and in this 2016-17 season they have been on an undisputed run of form and are currently first in the Vanarama Conference South, thanks to one man, David Tarpey.

David Tarpey, of 28, has scored 35 goals this season for the Magpies and without a doubt he is going to score more. It is not only due to Tarpey’s excellent run of form that Maidenhead are where they are now, but it is also down to the unbreakable team mentality of the team, thanks to Alan Devonshire, age 60, Maidenhead United’s current manager.

Harry Pritchard, Maidenhead United’s left midfielder has played a vital role into keeping Maidenhead top of the league table, scoring some fantastic goals in the season and keeping the crowd happy with the beautiful football the team has been playing.

Here in Maidenhead we are all wishing Maidenhead United to carry on their form for the rest of the season and cannot wait until we make it to the conference!


By Michael Batey.